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Vertical Horizon

Welcome to Arthur Almassy’s Vertical Horizon page.  On this page you can find pictures of the Butler University show from 2/25/2000 as well as pictures from when I met the band later that evening.

Enjoy the photos.  GO TEAM HURLEY !!!


Disclaimer - This is the official and original home of “Team Hurley” (est. 2/25/2000)

- accept no imitations !  :)


Please send me your comments at or sign my guestbook.  Click on the image for the full size version of it.

aaron_sean_chuck_cor.jpg (35508 bytes) (Aaron, Sean Hurley [bass, vocals], Chuck, and Corrine before the show)

aaron_sean_cor_art.jpg (20592 bytes) (Aaron, Sean Hurley [bass, vocals], Corrine, and me before the show)

cor_chuck_aaron_matt.jpg (28416 bytes) (Corrine, Chuck, and Aaron before the show.  Note Matt Scannell [lead guitar, vocals] in the background.)

matt_solo.jpg (25967 bytes)

concert.jpg (22800 bytes)

us_scannell.jpg (30770 bytes) (Steve, Matt Scannell [lead guitar, vocals], Shaman, Hank, and me.  In the background, Will, some guy in a yellow shirt, and Cosmo.)

us_kane.jpg (25315 bytes) (Chuck, Me, Steve, Keith Kane [guitar, vocals], El Deiter, and Corrine.)

team_hurley.jpg (21141 bytes) (Team Hurley, and reserves.  GO TEAM!!!)


ALL PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHT ARTHUR ALMASSY 2001.  If you would like to use any of them, do so, but please cite my name and web address.

This page last updated: 02/24/2001
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